New YoYo Bearing is loud

Hi guys. I recently just bought a new center trac bearing with some new white response pads for my shutter. When I throw the yoyo it sounds loud. If I were to just shake it you can here a clanking sound. This sounds nothing like my brand new shutter. Help!

A little lube would help. If that doesn’t work, clean it and then give it a drop of lube.

It’ll be responsive either way for a few days of play.

Gyroscopic flop that sucker.

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I would have to agree him. Gyroscopic flop it

I would clean and lube the bearing. This helped me when I had your exact problem.

Bearings make noise sometimes, if it’s performing well then there’s nothing to worry about. If the noise really bothers you then a small drop of thin lube should quiet it down, but it will make it slightly responsive for a short time as well.