New Yomega Starter Set Will Take You From Yo to Pro!

The Yomega Starter Set is designed to take you all the way from beginner to expert! It comes with three cool yo-yos designed for different levels of play and a Yomega Mania DVD to help you learn some new tricks!

2 Cool Color Combos!

The Crossfire, beginner level, is perfect for learning the basics and getting familiar with ball bearing yo-yos. Their intermediate yo-yo, The Ooch Yo, is great for getting into unresponsive play and more complicated string tricks. And their advanced yo-yo, The Dash, is an amazing unresponsive yo-yo that will take you all the way through expert and master level tricks!

Yomega Dash:

Yomega Ooch Yo:

Yomega Crossfire:

All three yo-yos and the Yomega Mania DVD combined is a $77.48 value, but you can pick up the Yomega Starter Set for just 47.49! Grab one now in your favorite color way while supplies last and start your journey to yo-yo greatness!