New YoYoFactory ARROW Starter Set!


It’s important to learn to yo-yo the right way with a great performing yo-yo that plays responsive and can advance to unresponsive as you build your skills. The YoYoFactory Arrow Starter Set gives you exactly that and more!

The Arrow is the yo-yo at the foundation of the new YoYoFactory beginner line of affordable high performance yo-yos. It’s light weight, pocket friendly and fun, yet still capable of crazy combos and fun fingerspin tricks!

yoyofactory-arrow-starter-set-2 yoyofactory-arrow-starter-set-3

This starter set comes complete with everything you need to go from beginner to pro. Included in the Arrow Starter Set:

  • YoYoFactory Arrow Yo-Yo (Responsive for beginner tricks)
  • Unresponsive bearing (For advanced tricks)
  • 5 pack YoYoExpert Contest String - 100% Polyester
  • YoYoFactory Fast Yo-Yo Holder
  • YoYoFactory Multi Tool
  • YoYoFactory Thick Lube (helpful for responsive play)
  • YoYoFactory Thin Lube (helpful for unresponsive play)
  • YoYoFactory Sticker Sheet


A $39 Value for only $27.99! This is an amazing value even for an advanced player and is one of the best ways to start your yo-yo journey today! Pick one up for yourself or give the gift of yo-yoing to a friend and get them started the right way!

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Very nice decked out set