New Tutorial: James Reed 2.0 Trick - Simplified


Hey everybody, I have started a new line of tutorials of all my tricks and variations, etc.
Tutorial #1:
James Reed 2.0 Trick - Simplfied
You can actually see him do the complicated trick in the video on the 2.0 YYE page.

Also, check out my new website: where I will post all my tutorials, yoyo videos, and yoyo reviews. All of this is coming soon.


BTW, how do you make the video show right on the page without having to click on the link and go to another window. I have done it before, but I forget.


It used to be “automagic” but then YouTube started serving videos exclusively over HTTPS.

All you need to do is change the link to not have the “s” and also use the full link rather than the link (yours is the full link, for example).

As a courtesy, it’s not a bad idea to keep the HTTPS one also as not all devices will display the embedded one.

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When I asked people to take out the s they scoffed at the notion. I see someone else understands. Greg you’re great.

The tutorial was nice.




Not trying to look like I am bumping this, but I am trying to get to 50 views as soon as possible. I have 25 as of now and still going.
This thread will be where I post all of my tutorials. So check back regularly for multiple tutorials.

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You might want to change the thread name then. If multiple tutorials are going to be made, try something like Zorro’s Yoyo Tutorials. Something less specific and more general.


I’ve got it planned out, no offense.


I am on 41 views. Thanks guys. Who has visited the site?

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Didn’t care for the YYE shutter photos. Maybe you could design a logo for your banner.


Okay, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, that is all I have and I figured it fit being that Gentry won worlds. I will try to find something else to put up there.
Any suggestions there?


Put a picture of yourself or something up


I have hit 50+ views (57 to be exact). Thank you all.

I plan on getting a new tutorial and video up shortly, but as of now, my computer is having problems.


New Tutorial has been posted. See the website or the YYE post for the video.