New Trick - Superman 3

Proud to present this trick that has been in the making for a bit now.
“Superman”, the original trick by Jason Lee has always been one of my favorite tricks, and as well, his trick “Superman 2” is also one of my all time faves. I always wanted to create my take on the Superman elements but with my own twist, and I set out to create something that paid tribute to the older versions. A couple things had to happen with this that were goals I set for myself to complete.
1: it had to contain elements/movements of the past Superman tricks
2: it had to contain some modern element/s to make it “new”
3: It had to have a set start, middle, and end so it feels like a complete “trick” and not a combo
4: it had to flow and not have any awkward pauses and breaks.
5: I would have to land it on a Renegade.

I completed the task, and am very happy with the results. :slight_smile:

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Nice work!

Old, but NEW!

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Such a good idea! Love the trick, love the new version!

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I love the fact that he did that trick on the Renegade.

Which gives a nice fresh update, on exactly what isn’t necessary to do a trick.

For those of you, that aren’t familiar with Josh Yee, I’ll give you a little background.

Josh is what can be considered in yo-yoing as Iron Man level. Iron Man level is when a guy gets into a contest and enters all 5 divisions.

If I saw Josh doing spirit bomb with a bagel, it wouldn’t even surprise me.

Superman 3, smooth as gravy, on a 10 or $15 yo-yo that came out at least 20 years ago.

Thanks Josh


Will you make a tutorial please


Superman and Rancid milk were the first tricks I learned that made me go , “hey maybe I can do this “

Still love watching old Jason Lee.

The camera angles are really helpful I am making decent progress learning this one

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