New signature series strings from Kitty String!

Kitty string is one of the most well known string brands and is chosen by some of the top competitors in the world. Now they’re working with professional yoyo players to create these custom signature series strings!

Owen Ekblad: Owen’s signature string is a new string that realizes an unprecedented feel with a polyester-type string to match his innovative style. To pair both his 1A and 5A style with one type of string, Kitty String has adopted a string thickness between the normal and the fat. It has an outstanding balance and control that improves the technical execution of tricks. String length: 120-125 cm. 100% polyester.

Polo Garbkamol: Polo’s string specializes in the balance required for tension tricks and technical lacerations that Polo is known for. The string tension is set slightly stiffer than usual to achieve faster speed and delicate control when the yo-yo is in the air. The thickness remains almost the same as XL size. String length: 120-125 cm. 100% polyester.

Shinji Saito: 2A legend Shinji Saito’s new signature series builds on the earlier cream-colored Kitty String they have been making for Shinji for a long time. His new signature series adopts a length of 100-110 cm for Shinji’s standard size to quickly pull and go with less hassle of string preparation. It handles tension extremely well and has the perfect balance of performance and longevity. 100% Polyester.


For anyone wondering how these play like and whether they are worth the extra 6 bucks, here’s a review by yoyojoe:


In the yoyo podcast interview Ekblad mentioned Kitty 1.5 Nylon iirc. I bought some of those, but haven’t tried them yet. The typeB+ Kapow matches my red Tourney too well.

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