New Kitty String XL Available in 10 Packs and 100 Counts!


Yo-yo tricks constantly evolve and so does the string that you use to learn them. Kitty String is a fantastic yo-yo string brand from the Philippines creating beautiful string from high quality materials. They offer a wide array of different string types in vibrant colors and this is their all new XL string!

Kitty String XL (Extra Large) is a fatter string with a slightly heavier weight. It is made from a very soft polyester that gives you a smoother feel during play and doesn’t rough up your hands as much as some other brands. The XL type is perfect for beginners looking for tighter binds or experts looking for the perfect string for whips and slacks!

Professionals around the world are beginning to choose Kitty String as their weapon of choice in competition – and for good reason – as far as yo-yo string goes it doesn’t get much better than this!

10 Packs:

100 Counts:



SO… Is Kitty String XXL version coming anytime soon? I know people that would be all over that (including me) on the forums…


Sweet! Anyone know how this compares to the thickness/weight of blueprint? Just wondering how much thicker it is than kitty fat.


I think Fat Kitty is 12 threads while XL is 13 threads or something and XXL is 14 threads for MEGA THICK STRING YEAH


Facepalm That would be impossible, 13 strand strings do not exist, 14 strands, yes, it has to be an even number.


Excuse my ignorance, why would it have to be an even number? It’s a single string, made up of smaller threads, that is then twisted to make the loop at the bottom.

Even though the finished string looks like two different strings twisted together, it’s a single piece that loops around on itself at the bottom.


Because the beginning and end of strand have to meet at the same point, you cant just stop halfway and tie a knot on the opposite side that the anchor is on.


Yoyo string appears to be two strings twisted together. It’s actually a single string, twisted back on itself to make the loop at the bottom. So are you saying the 12 threads counts both sides of the string? So there’s actually only 6 strands throughout? That’s what I’m asking. I can’t see why you couldn’t twist a 13-strand string back on itself and make a perfectly awesome yoyo string.

(Describing yoyo string is hard without pictures.)


Ok normal string is 12 threads twisted together and folded, to make a string with a total of 24 strands.

If what he is saying is that you would have a string that has 6 and 5 strands? So you would cut it somewhere along the string?

I made some poor quality pics to try and explain.


K… According to Miggy, Normal Kitty is 11x2 technically since 11 thin threads are twisted together then folded unto itself to form 11x2 Normal Kitty String, Miggy also says Fat Kitty is 12x1 (12x2 technically), so I can deduce that slim is 10x2, XL is 13x2, and XXL is 14x2…


Yes, that’s exactly what I thought. I think modman10 was confused, thought it was 6 folded over to make 12. But odd numbers are fine, fold them over to make even numbers. =)


Yeah, that makes sense, i think i was tired that day or something…

But now i don’t really get it when i think about it.

So for normal strings its 6+6 then folded, so how do they make 13 threads? 6+7? That does not make sense when you think about it…


No. Normal kitty has 11 threads to make a strand, and then that strand is folded back on itself and twisted to make the two-stranded yoyo string that we’re all familiar with. so it would end up with a total of 22 threads thick when you look at the completed string.


Yeah! I understand that! But i was referring to this post.




How is it in thickness compared to ammo?


The XL string is about the same thickness as Ammo.