New Shu Takada signature model - The YoYoFactory SUGAR!


From YoYoFactory: SHU is killing it. 13 million more people saw him on 9gag. His signature LOOP720 is an undeniable HIT and we have finally given him the string trick yo-yo to showcase his talents. Meet SUGAR, designed in conjunction with SUS mechanics.

SHU TAKADA blurs the known, the routine, the possible. He is a 6x World champion who doesn’t play by the rules. His yo-yos are an extension of his personalities and in SUGAR you get this mix of Yoyofactory style and history with a new look and feel. Fit and finish this yo-yo is a 10. In play, it’s an 11. Smooth as can be, nice mask around the bearing. This yo-yo is waiting for you to inject the you into your tricks. Bring it on!

Releasing Thursday 11/12 @ 8PM EDT.


How many of the “Miami fade” are there going to be I wonder? I’m sure that isn’t the actual color name but I can’t unsee it now lol


Thanks. I didn’t see it until you posted…now that colorway will forever be the Hurricanes…

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