New Shu Takada K'EDGE & 720 Pack from YoYoFactory!


YoYoFactory team member Shu Takada is a top competitor in both 1A AND 2A and these are his weapons of choice! The Shu Takada edition K’EDGE & signature Loop 720s!

First released in the August 2018 YoYoFactory X YoYoExpert Mystery Box, the Ko’olau Edge has already gained some notoriety as one of the top mono-metal designs. It plays fast with rock solid stability and amazing spin power. The perfect yo-yo for competition and the 1A favorite of Shu Takada!

The new Loop720 is the 2A yo-yo that will help you progress to advanced tricks. Built around precision components for consistent loop execution, this yo-yo requires low maintenance and offers high performance!

This Pack includes one Shu Takada Edition Ko’olau Edge and two Loop 720s for the price of one!