New Shop Layout!

Just want to say loving the new layout for the shop Andre or web designer whom I do not know, it’s a great improvement!

Me too!!

Me too, just noticed it today… looks awesome!


Soooo much better.

i was surprised to see it but glad that there was some change
its alot better but i still got to get used to it

it is a ton better

i actually liked the old one better .sorry. the old one had all the prices and colors right their side-by-side so you can easily compare what you want. with the new one. the drop down menu doesn’t give an exact price. it just tells you how much to add which could confuse ppl

If you make a selection it changes the price. :wink:

We will most likely create a box with all options displayed near it in the near future too.

The only thing I’m slightly disappointed with is the price drop on the CUT.

a price drop is a good thing… ???

It’s not a good thing if you already bought it at a higher price.

oh, okay. thanks.

Much Much better.