New Shinya Kido Signature yo-yo - The C3 Krown 2017!


C3yoyodesign is breathing some new life into the Shinya Kido signature Krown series with their latest release – The KROWN 2017!

The KROWN 2017 has the same v-shape profile as the original with some added features and a slightly tweaked weight distribution for improved performance. They even added a concave fingerspin centering cup with a center dimple to help lock in fingerspins for players of any skill level!

This yo-yo is exactly what you expect from a Shinya Kido signature model – light weight with excellent spin time and amazing speed through combos. It weighs in almost 2 full grams lighter than the original, but C3 managed to redistribute the weight just right to give the new Krown a super powerful spin and excellent stability!

(Spinworthy Glen) #2

Is it still 7075?


I believe this new version is standard 6061 Aluminum.


Looks almost identical to the move. And there’s a typo on the page on the top it says “shiny kido signature yoyo”