New Release! The Bi-Metal KenTech Euler!

KenTech is a brand new yo-yo company run by a mechanical engineering student from Washington, Ken, who came up with a really amazing first design. The Euler!

As a mechanical engineer, Ken knows what it takes to create a functional and well designed yo-yo, but as the 2015 PNWR 3A Champion, he knows what it takes to create a yo-yo that is truly great! We’ve play a lot of bi-metal yo-yos lately, but the performance of the Euler really stands out!

Ken believed that a simple shape with maximum performance was the way to go and that philosophy really shines through when you look at the Euler. There’s no extra frills or unnecessary cuts and curves, just a 100% performance driven yo-yo that will perform with the best of them in the competitive yo-yo scene! The bi-metal design of the Euler allows for a rim heavy yo-yo that is not bulky and maintains a low overall weight. This gives you an extremely stable long spinning yo-yo and takes maneuverability to the next level.

Simple and reliable with unbelievable performance, the bi-metal KenTech Euler will blow you away!

KenTech is also doing something really cool to promote the sport of yo-yoing. They are implementing a Technology For Champions program. With this program any National Champion (US Only For Now) who wins using a KenTech yo-yo will receive $500! And Any World Champion who wins using a KenTech yo-yo will receive $1000! Now that’s impressive!