PROMOTION! The new Bi-Metal from 2SickYoYos!


You’re just a pawn, the most disposable piece on the board, but next turn e8=Q and you’ve made it! You’re the game changer, the most powerful piece on the board. That’s the feeling every time you pick up the new 2Sick Promotion!

2sickyoyos-promotion 2sickyoyos-promotion-1

The Promotion features a 6061 body with substantial Stainless Steel rings that give it a strong spin and excellent stability. The rim heavy weight distribution gives it a powerful yet nimble presence on the string without feeling too heavy. It plays smooth and fast with a competition oriented design that fits perfectly with any style!


The Promotion is quickly becoming the new favorite of the 2Sick team and once you throw it we think you’ll feel the same!


I do love me a good chess metaphor, shout out to @yomagic maybe you guys can convince Joey to reappear here on the forums at some point? We miss him!


I tried William Murphy’s Promotion over the summer and it actually really surprised me. It’s an amazing yoyo and it feels a lot lighter than 66g. Very fun and zippy.

Powerful, nimble, light, and fast like the YYE description states is actually exactly how I thought it played.

66g bimetals usually feel really heavy but this one felt closer to 64g to me somehow


Agreed. I like to think I throw enough yo-yos to sort of predict how each will perform, but this one definitely surprised me - In a good way! Really fun yo-yo.


:wave:t3::wave:t3::wave:t3::wave:t3: First time on here in a while!


Fantastic to have you back… have you considered doing a short Q&A? You make so many awesome yo-yos and had a ton of releases lately…

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Yeah, I’d definitely be up to it.


Mine arrives tomorrow… Snagged the last purple fade in stock from YYE.

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It should’ve been a metal pawn though…

Yay! You’re on the forums again!

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The Promotion is really nice. Got a rose gold one!