New Release – The 2SickYoYos GECKO!

Mike Gleockner was the first team member to join 2sickyoyos. He was always supportive and influential and it’s always been a goal of his to have a signature yoyo so Joey decided to make it happen! This is the Gecko!

This design was no easy process, They went through 3 prototypes and hours of messaging and video chatting to get the feel of the yo-yo just right. Mike really wanted a yo-yo that had an angular shape, a wide catch zone, and that would be good for all types of grinds. The Gecko checks all those boxes and then some!

The Gecko has a nice wide rounded h-shape profile that really maximizes the catch zone for risky tricks. It plays fast, maneuverable and rock stable with a pleasantly ‘floaty’ feel through combos. The cup has a concave bowl design for fingerspins and a slight lip for thumb grinds.

This yo-yo is everything Mike was looking for in a signature yo-yo and we are blown away with it’s performance!

Here ya go

Haha, oops. Thanks! :grin: