New release from 2SickYoYos - The Endgame!

The latest release from 2SickYoYos represents a new era in the company. Appropriately named the Endgame - A chess term referencing the later stages of the game - This yo-yo marks the end stages of their chess themed yo-yo names. This is the transition point between changing their naming theme and the way they approach design.

The Endgame was created with the idea of increasing the level of catch ability. They opened up the catch zone with an almost U shape profile to give you that extra edge with risky tricks. It has a much more extreme look than it feels in the hand, it’s surprisingly comfortable to catch and the curved profile is great for grinds. In play it has an impressively powerful spin with all the stability you could ask for. The lighter weight lends nicely to fast play and the inverse curved profile makes it perfect for horizontal combos.

Amazing performance, breathtaking colorways, and a solid price. The Endgame is the perfect design to mark a change of pace in 2SickYoYos!

Releasing Saturday 9/14 @ 8PM EDT.


Are those fade finishes or just a trick of the light (i.e., fresnel effect)?

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Those two colors are solid, just the light.


I tried Will’s over the summer. This is a GUD yo

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It does look good. But man, dat gap… srsly?

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Honestly, I haven’t had any trouble with binds slipping or anything like that, and I use slim strings.

I got mine when 2Sick did a pre release sale on Joey’s birthday. It’s an excellent yoyo!


It could be that I was traumatized by the Replay Pro, and its 4.80mm gap, when I was first trying to learn to bind last summer. The dang thing would not bind. And then someone here suggested I try a thicker string, and as soon as I put on a YYSL Plutonium string, I was able to bind much more consistently.

Ever since then I’ve been super gun-shy about yoyos with gaps as wide–or wider–than the Replay Pro.

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Anyone still seeing just the countdown timer? I wanted to check out the colorway available on YYE and I still see this.

Doubt it’s a cache issue on my end; always been able to get it to update on refresh.

@AndreBoulay @YoYoExpertGarrett


Ah. Try refresh again! :100:


That did it, ty!

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Anyone know how the Endgame plays? The inner curved walls reminded me of the ND. I’ve watched reviewers of the ND in Youtube and some are saying it as being stable, while others don’t like it saying it is tilts easily. I know the Endgame is different since it has bi-metal rings so I’d like to get some feedback from people who has genuinely played with it.

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It just plays like a standard high performance V with a slightly different feel, really good.

Very stable, powerful, fast, solid. Absolute beast at horizontal. I really like the curved catch zone design of this with the large width. Very catchable and very low resistance. Has the performance of a top tier throw while being a little more interesting in design and play than your standard competition V like a Draupnir or Kenshin.


The catch zone looks extremely similar to a Bliss, can anyone describe its play comparing to the Bliss?

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That sounds really awesome. I’ve been looking for a good wide, fast, and stable yoyo, that’s not jarring when you catch it back on a hard bind. The Pariah, Motive and Endgame seem to have very similar specs. But the Endgame is the lightest and has an interesting concave curve in the inner walls to minimize string friction. I have imagined this will prevent tilting too easily during mistakes when doing front-style fast combos.

Thanks for the feedback!


If only the blue one wasn’t a fade…

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But that fade looks amazing haha

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I love that colorway

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I love aqua. I’m just not into fades. :man_shrugging:

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Well; Joey and Jeffrey must be from the same village.

Because Jeffrey dropped his Ultima mono and bi metal yoyos a few months back.

And even though they aren’t exactly the same. That concave wall slope is present in both the Endgame and the Ultimas. Just more pronounced on the Endgame.

I don’t have an Endgame… But I have an Ultima.

I honestly didn’t think I would notice any play difference. But I was honestly wrong.

The Ultima is a slick playing machine.

I’ll bet the Endgame is a Keeper; also.