New release from Sturm Panzer - The Star Chaser!

From Sturm Panzer: Former Team YoYoJam member, the PHENOM ZhaoYuan Liu is producing the new Sturm Panzer SS line. SS stands for “side story.” An aside from the main storyline of the storybook series, the SS series embodies a passion for the art and creativity and applies them with input from the yo-yo community. This is the Star Chaser!

The mono-metal Star Chaser takes on a familiar shape: that of the old YoYoJam PHENOM, but comes with a set of interchangeable side caps that can be used to change the weight, from 59 grams all the way to 66 grams. Just use a standard suction cup (included) to remove the caps. It also comes with the Hop Cap (Lateral Cap), which is designed for fingerspin tricks. The Star Chaser is compatible with 48mm side caps, so you can customize your yo-yo even more (these modifications are done at your own risk).

The Star Chaser is a full size design with a size C bearing, giving it a different flavor from Sturm Panzer’s main lineup. This design lets you experience a similar playfeel to the PHENOM and RISING PHENOM for an affordable price, with the added fun of tweaking through changing the weight. It has a stiff, sharp playfeel that cuts through the air and has a great balance for speedy, controlled play.


Sturm Panzer with an SS line, oh boy. :eyes:


:skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones: worst name ever


I’m usually not off put by things that could be interpreted as political/historical, but the name made me cringe so hard, lol :joy:.