New release from C3yoyodesign - The VANITAS!


The newest bi-metal addition to the C3yoyodesign lineup is the Leo Chan Matsumoto’s signature yoyo - Vanitas!

Inspired by the V-shape profile of the, fused with the wide stance of the Galaxy Diver, and pushing performance to the limits with the weight distribution of the Edolass. The Vanitas brings a new level to contest ready yoyo play. It plays fast and powerful and the light 63.5g weight ensures the Vanitas can handle high speed play without that heavy straining feel in the hand.

And just look at it, the Vanitas has a really standout look. Leo is a student of art, everything from the name of yoyo, color choices and logo art were chosen by Leo himself to give it a personal touch and a unique look that we absolutely love!

Online Now!


Interested to see how this compares to the Nostalgia.