New release form YoYoFactory - The Gentry Stein ELEMENT!

The Element is Gentry Stein’s latest signature yoyo, and it’s all about FUN! YoYoFactory tweaked this smooth player to move to a different beat than Gentry’s powerful Shutter Wide Angle. Instead of aiming for speed they maxed the volume to give it some extra float!

This yoyo looks, feels, and plays completely different than any other yoyo in Getnry’s lineup. The Element’s undercut design gives it an extremely unique feeling in play that really makes it stand out.

Along with that, the yoyo features “Del-Ring” technology around the response area for minimized friction and maximized spin time. The perfect addition to any players yoyo collection.

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What a good looking yoyo with a price to match.

Looks like something on Nightshadows’ wish list for sure😉


Yeah this looks cool!

Has anybody tried it?

I haven’t experienced the “Del-Ring” either, but it’s an innovative idea. Does it work?


Could we get some “In Motion” shots, or do you not do those for fades?

I usually just do in motion shots for splash colors. With fade colors that are so similar it wouldn’t really look too different.


Anyone have any opinion/love for the Element? Being a Gentry throw I’m kinda curious but not seeing as much love for it here as I thought I would.


Maybe if they released a HEART colorway element it would help?


maybe if they counted the power of love as an element :joy:

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I have my Element at work, so I haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet.

The wideness really helped me get my “Skin the Gerbil” remix together. It made it easier to hit all those behind-the-back and through-the-leg catches as I was practicing.

I think I like it, but it came with those white pads. I’ve had other YYFs come with those, and I think they’re fine, but maybe coupled with “Del-Ring”, they’re a bit slippy?

Do the white pads break in and become grippier, or should I just change them out? I definitely think I’d like it much more if it binded better.

I’ll come back and give a better assessment once I sort that out. It seems to be a really nice yoyo, at a really nice price, other than that one thing.