New Powder-Coated Whimsy Poker Face!



White Powder-Coat Editions!

The playing card inspired Poker Face has a really one of a kind look and feel. Whimsy wanted to introduce more of a sense of individuality into the yo-yo society, and that is exactly what they did. The Poker Face screams individuality and uniqueness with the cool playing card inspired caps and the option of a flocked version or acid washed. It is definitely a yo-yo that will spark up some conversation!

And the Poker Face doesn’t just look cool, but it plays great too! Whimsy gave it a nice organic shape for that extra “floaty” feel during play and precision weight distribution for increased stability through those long combos. The Poker Face truly plays at a competition level and will compliment any style.


What is “Flocked”?


The Flocked version is covered in a poker table felt type material. I’m not sure if it is the same type they use on the real tables or the same process but I think that’s what they’re going for with the Flocked versions.


The white powder coated looks good…I wouldn’t want one that’s all flocked up though. ;D