New StartUp , WhimsyYoYos

Hi all,

Whimsy established proudly by a team of yo-yo lovers in 2013.
Through Whimsy, we want to tell the public that yo-yo is not merely a skilled toy,
but a combination of fashion and popular culture, and a collection of artistic value.

By introducing different sets of yo-yo, our aim is to develop a sense of individuality
in the society. Whimsy boosts inspiring perspectives and creativity from daily lives
in hopes to bring interest to the public about yo-yo.
Joker Edition - 36 Pieces Limited

Poker Face Spec.
Weight : 66.1grams
Width : 40.97mm
Diameter : 56.68mm
Gap Width : 4.1mm

Surface Treatment : Acid Wash

Response : Large Size Silicon Pad


Yo-Yos can become a decoration !

Flocked Version performs well also feel soft to the touch.
Fabric materials not only hold up well, but also able to perform
well in advance Yo-Yo tricks.

Not only looking good!!

Poker Face PV

Extra nice design concept…well done.

Confused on what a “flocked” version is?

How much and where can i get one?

Just looks like it has the same felt-esque covering as a poker table would…

Are those White Ghost Back Bicycle card. They look beautiful either way. So do the yoyos. As a card magician I almost feel obligated to buy one. So tempting. Amazing looking yoyos.

Yes, you are right! haha.
those are white ghost deck.

thanks !!

PKFs are really amazing !

poker faces are shipping to yoyoexpert office.
thanks for asking :slight_smile:

I think these look so incredibly nice. I just might have to think about getting one. :slight_smile:

Love it!! Definitely on my radar.

I love the theme of this company, the “Whimsicle” and mysterious card/magicy kind of feel. Really solid design! Good luck!

This company reminds me of MadHouse YoYos.

It just has that vibe going for them :smiley:

Great looking yoyo guy’s

There is so much want going in right now. Any way we can get a pic of the profile?

Are you selling yet? I’m interested. :slight_smile:

yoyos arrived yye office already.
thanks for asking :slight_smile: