New MonkeyfingeR CAESAR Release & Accessories Restock!

MonkeyfingeR just sent us some amazing looking New Caesars and a restock of all their cool accessories!


Caesar Releases Wednesday April 29 @8PM EST!

[b]Ape Hanger String:[/b]

Ape Hanger String is a special new “secret formula” hybrid string blend designed by Monkeyfinger!


Customize your silicone groove the way YOU want with new Monkey Snot flowable silicone!


Breathe new life into your throws with new MonkeyfingeR Buff!


Caesar was also out of his mind

Whats the price?

sweet!! ;D

YEEEESSSSSSSSSS, just snatched up 2 packs of ape hangers, and restocked my supply of buff! Wish I could justify another Caesar to the womenfolk, but she ain’t havin’ it :stuck_out_tongue:

countdown is up but the yoyos can’t be bought because the countdown isn’t replaced with a dropdown, price and buy button. What’s going on?!?

Same on my page. Just called and left a message.

it’s 2 o’clock in the morning where I live and I really need to go to bed because I have to work tomorr… well, today. So please, let me buy this so that I can go to bed.

Sorry about that guys! Have had a couple weird glitches with this lately - I reset for 8:30pm!

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gNNY page back up.

I got mine in DS color!! sweet!! Sweet SWEET!

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