New Lightup YYF Elec-Trick Spin Top!


Now With On/Off Switch!

With a tough polycarbonate body built for impacts, a bearing tip for extra long spin time, and a string ring to help beginners learn faster, the Elec-Trick will have you mastering gyro flops and cork-screws in no time!


Is it just on and off, instead of centrifugal force now? Is it the same for both colors?


Hoping this gets answered :slight_smile:


looking at the vid, it must stay on all the time, because it is on while he is winding it.
good idea for a top, now you can find it when it shoots off across the floor and disappears who knows where. all tops should have some kind of location device on them.


Just On/Off, not activated by centrifugal force. YoYoFactory had a few instances in the original versions where the spring would get stuck in the on position or would bend and get stuck off. The switch is the solution and seems to work really well so far.


Well I’m glad I got one of the previous version then. Of course now I have to get this version as well! :-\ ;D

Miguel is killing it in the promo vid!