New lacerations

Looking to learn so new lacerations anyone got tuts the main ones I want to learn are reverse Brent stole and reverse Ninja vanish but I am open to anything…the ones I know right now are Brent stole hidmesa hook slack trapeze and regular trapeze laceration


There are SOOOO many.
But just like whips, lacerations are very difficult to do/make/learn, making the more difficult ones very arcane.
Just to name a few (I couldn’t get the links for some):
X laceration (I found Takihiro’s was the easiest to learn):
Reverse Cross-Armed Brent Stole from an over hook.
Laceration to heart:

This guy is one of the best players IMO, but he has a lot of lacerations on his channel (just search “laceration” in the “search channel” bar):

This video is one of my favorites:

Hope that helped