New Japanese Bi-Metal

Oh gosh this looks good. There are too many yoyos I want!

Pictures you post are such a tease!

All I want is Nobunaga. I’m not gay.

42mm width
53mm diameter
62.8 gr weight

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whelp, im buying…get some pre-orders going! lol

Yeah! I want to pre-order a pair.

Why not target the Japanese Market and Western Market at the same time? Japanese people really need your yoyos!

I have translated Sturm Panzer’s story book from Japanese into English. Now I’m not too confident translating the opposite way around, but I’ll be more than glad to provide you with a Japanese version of your words. Your wife can double check my work. That’ll be much easier on her rather than translating from scratch.

Japanese yoyo companies have too much Western theme. Your company having Japanese theme and producing made in Japan yoyo is the most closest company to have the right to claim it’s indeed a Japanese company.

It’s like a smaller lighter draupnir

I teared up a bit :’(

Not precisely, if the Draupnir were to resize to that diameter the steel rings would be much smaller, Nobunaga´s rings are heavier than Draupnir´s, and the body much lighter, though somehow the feeling on the string is similar, the play is different.

Release date announced

Sengoku could slash my wallet big time if only I didn’t know how to budget.

I have my eyes on Hideyoshi now. Too bad I’ll have to give up on Nobunaga. I wish I could afford to buy every single Sengoku. :’(

The Hideyoshi will release maybe until summer, it needs a lot of work, it is very hard to make a bi-metal smooth, and if you add another ring is even more. You have plenty of time to get budget. Also, the Nobunaga plays better than any other in the market, I already sent some samples for reviews (so you´ll hear how good it is from neutral reviewers like Shai Hulud).

Also, the company is starting, the Nobunaga will fund the Hideyoshi, if it doesn´t sell well, the Hideyoshi project will be cancelled. If you like our designs, please support it by buying the Nobunaga. (after the Hideyoshi a Titanium bi-metal is coming (yes, Ti body and an even denser material on rims!). But all the projects need to be funded with the previous one or they´ll be only on paper.

Ahh!! I see. Thanks for the heads up on planned releases.

All I use right now is Schneider MK-Ⅱ. I tend to stick with just one brand. I was a Turning Point fan then Sturm Panzer fan. Now the Sengoku period has come!

I’m getting a pair of black Nobunaga.

Sooooooooooo, price? :slight_smile:

Apologies for not disclose the price yet, I´m new in this making yoyo adventure, due to the nature of bi metals and specifically the huge ring design, the incidence of vibration is very high. (i didn´t want to make the ring smaller to play safe and release “yet another bi-metal”)
But I will sell only yoyos with acceptable smoothness, so I don´t know how many will be discarded. All I can say is they will be less than $200, don´t worry, it´ll be cheaper than most Japanese Bi-metals :slight_smile:

Asking about the price wasn’t meant as a jab. :slight_smile:

I was just curious how much I should save.

Also, even if there are some with vibe, as long as it isn’t incredibly terrible, you could always sell them as B-grades for roughly half the retail price, assuming it still covers cost.

I have huge respect for Julio. I’m assuming he knows his decision he has made automatically means he will loose some potential consumers, regardless how well the yoyo performs.

The names he comes up with for his company and yoyos, Nobunaga and Hideyoshi, really shows he’s knowledgeable about Japan and loves Japan. There are conflicts though because of the names he has chosen. It’s pretty much you either love it or hate it. It’s different from naming a yoyo with some mediocre names like Sakura, Hayabusa, etc.

There are notable amount of people from certain countries who doesn’t like or even hate Japan. That’s some percentage of potential consumers he has lost. Folks, you know what that means though? He’s not afraid to show his interest. Doesn’t care if some people doesn’t like his company. Knows there will be people out there who will be excited about his company, like myself. Hakuna matata.

I would like to buy a pair of every release as long as Sengoku’s yoyos seem to fit my 3A preference.

Julio Robles for president

I’m really looking forward to this. I only hope I don’t miss out on the opportunity to snag one.

If this is in any way doable then count me in!

I would vote for him. He’ll establish the best diplomatic relationship with Japan.