New Iori Yamaki Signature yo-yo! The Yoyorecreation ONSLAUGHT!




This latest release from Yoyorecreation is the signature model for Iori Yamaki. Iori is one of the most dynamic players in the competitive scene and he needs a yo-yo that can keep up with his speedy style of play – This is the Onslaught!

yoyorecreation-onslaught-yoyo-2 yoyorecreation-onslaught-yoyo-3

The Onslaught was designed for players with a more aggressive and fast style like Iori Yamaki. It’s an aluminum/steel bi-metal yo-yo with a nice light feel and very powerful spin which lets it fly through combos as fast as you can push it. The wide stance combined with the wing shape profile makes the Onslaught practically all catch zone – Perfect for those impossible bangers and riskier elements on stage.


@YoYoExpertGarrett what’s going on here with the rims?

The steel part is on the outside, I thought, but I can’t tell what’s happening in the other pic?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #3

I think there are two separate sets of steel rims.

Edit: As corrected below, the outermost ring is plastic


Oh wow, really? Never seen that before…

({John15}) #5

This thing looks sick.


There’s the wide steel ring and then a smaller plastic ring capping it off. Initial releases just had black plastic so we didn’t even notice, but they’re using some brighter colors now that give it a really cool look!


That looks pretty darn slick👍