New Gel yoyo!

After given some advice, this is not currently possible with my current ideas. :frowning:

A yoyo cannot be completely “gel”. It would unstable and impractical, not to mention the friction between the string and the yoyo. An alternative would be gel rims, but yoyos with rubber rims already exist.

I personally don’t think your yoyo hurting your hand is a huge deal anyway.

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Gel will always deform. That deforming will cause vibe

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Always??? WRONG. Sorry bro, but there is such thing as solid gel. The yoyo will be fine as long as it doesn’t take a lot of damage. Gel tends to fall apart when it dries out as well. :wink:

nice necro

Wouldn’t mind a link to this since I was just going off experience in the yoyo world of previous throws that have been manufactured trying to use gel. Is the density of the solid gel constant as well through the entire body?

What exactly are you asking me???

Throughout the body of wood it has multiple densities

Throughout the body of aluminum it maintains mostly a constant density

Ts there a gel similar to aluminum in that the density is constant throughout the entire body? Would this gel also be ok with being machined since it could experience high temperatures from friction? If there is such a gel I would prefer a link please.

lets make it out of napalm and light it on fire.

I swear, this pops up on every design thread just as often as Active Magnetic Bearings! NEVER GOING TO WORK!

Seriously WHY would you necro this.

this isnt exactly a fast moving forum. a post from october isnt that old at all.

So now we can further plunder this guy’s idea for a gel yo yo?
Wait not

I thought he found a way when I saw this thread at the top.