New fs yyr, oyy, ts

Let’s revamp this! These are for sale and one for trade. All new and improved listing, get ‘em while they’re hot! I see something coming up that I’m gonna want so I’m making some room. Any help here or offers will be greatly appreciated. All shipped USPS in the USA. PS: have a Bape Swap Slam Dunk if anyone might be interested.

OYY FreqMod. Clear ano, great throw. Little scratches on it and some raw stains but nothing that affects play. Nail vibe but good and stable on the string. 45

YYR TM: Good clean throw. Some nail vibe. I’m not sure if this is its box but it’s the one I’ve got. 30

Throw Spiral Kappa UNKNOWN edition: SOLD SOLD fantastic throw. Very smooth but a hint of nail vibe. Great on the string, has case and one sticker ready to be stuck. 75 SOLD

SPYY Orbitron 5000: SOLD Has box. Is very clean with a hint of nail vibe. Great player but im still hunting that Pistolero or Ranchero. If I can’t find those then we’ll 75 and it’s yours. SOLD



Sunday Night Football Bump.

Bump. Price drops. The works. Help me get a Chopsticks and a standard Dunk!

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Morning bump! Some drops in prices.



Bump up the jams.

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Bump! Help me get a grail y’all!

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Bump. Some price drops. Feel free to make offers y’all!

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Still stuff available everyone! Bump to help me get a Mechabapezilla!

Looks like I need a new drill. So bump we go!

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All new listing! Bump!

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One bump please, extra cheese.

Could you do 30$ shipped for the TM?

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Bump! FreqMod still available.

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