New from Unparalleled – The CORRUPTION!


The main objective for Unparalleled has always been to provide the best throws for their players. With previous yo-yos like the Flash and Ignition they have succeeded, but the higher price point made these yo-yos unavailable to a great portion of customers. With that in mind, they decided to make an affordable competition ready yo-yo – The Corruption!

Unparalleled teamed up with FPM to bring their latest idea to life. FPM is a precision manufacturing company that wanted to create a yo-yo to really break into the market of budget metals. They worked together to remaster an Unparalleled concept yo-yo that never made it to production and it came out better than either of them could have hoped!

The Corruption is geared for pure performance. It is a no nonsense design with zero extra frills and beautiful clean lines. It has a simple engraving, a super soft grind finish, and all the performance that you expect from Unparalleled.

Comfortable in the hand yet fast on the string, easily maneuverable yet stable through complex tricks, the Corruption has impeccable performance at an impressive price!


I can easily see this being the new definitive best budget metal


Too bad it is touted to be a single run model
Once finished, there will be no more except bst


If that’s true I’m glad I got one. I saw the corruption a while back on the official UNPRLD thread. Looking forward to it!


(major_seventh) #5

Tyler is a yoyo designer genius. The first run of the Pulsefire was really something. I’m sure these are fantastic.


I just snagged one of the last black (Grey) ones. Looks like a really slick, clean throw and will be my first 7075 throw as well.

Brandon Vu did a great review vid of this and seemed really impressed.

Felt like i couldn’t go wrong for the money and didn’t want to miss out if this is a limited run thing.