New from Eternal Throw – The CURVY DONUT MAN!

Eternal Throw doesn’t put out new releases too frequently, but when they do it’s time to pay attention! This is their long awaited 3rd release – The Curvy Donut Man!

I think we can all agree that Curvy Donut Man is bit of an odd name, but that’s what you get when a couple talented yo-yo designers start making decisions on an empty stomach. Let’s just accept the name and move on to this killer new yo-yo.

The Curvy Donut Man was built to perform. It plays nothing like the rotund donut vendor image that this strange name brings to mind, quite the opposite in fact! The curved, stepped profile and amazingly balanced weight distribution give this yo-yo a nice bouncy feel on the string and a maneuverability that is hard to find in a full sized design! It plays fast, stable, and has a unique cup shape that will set your go-to favorite trick to fingerspins for the foreseeable future!

Take a step away from all the typical cookie cutter yo-yo shapes and try a yo-yo with some curves!

Releasing March 24 @ 8PM EST!

I want to buy this just for the name :smiley:

I WILL buy this because of the name. Time to take out a loan…

Wow! It looks like something I’d like throwing and it’s named for something I could easily become! I like it.

curvy donut man. ok. so basically they acknowledged that the name is terrible but still went with it. cool.

Initially, it was just the place filler name for the CAD. Free wanted to name it the Chimera, but popular vote decided that Curvy Donut Man was the way to go :wink: