The Eternal Throw Elysian is Back! Releases Tomorrow @ 8PM EST!

Eternal Throw is a smaller company doing some really great things! This is their long awaited second release. The Elysian!

The steep curved profile of the Elysian gives you the perfect weight distribution with ample rim weight to maximize spin time and stability through long combos and horizontal play. It has great speed, great maneuverability, and a super smooth feel. This yo-yo is a truly great player, but the most notable feature is the outer cup of the Elysian.

This cup was designed to make those mind blowing horizontal fingerspin combos a breeze! The Elysian’s outer cup has an inner divot that goes through to the axle hole with a smooth bowl-like cup that guides your fingertip even if you land a little off center. On top of that, they added a little beveled edge right at the contact point that greatly reduces friction to give you the longest possible fingerspins.

As a word, Elysian embodies peace and a tranquil life, joy and happiness. These are some of the emotions that many of us feel when we pick up a yo-yo, especially one that inspires us to attain something greater.

In Greek mythology The Elysian Fields are the greatest tier of the after-life. It’s heaven for heroes. Those that made it to Elysium got to experience full joy and bliss and continue to pursue the arts. What better art form than that of Yo-Yoing!

Releasing Saturday, June 27 @ 8PM EST!

Looks a little promising… But I do love the colorways tho!

garcia the elysian is a very amazing yoyo… the best ever made for finger spinning…

Sweet. Might have to look into it then. I really need an easier throw to practice my finger spins… This might be the one.

this is the one your dreams didnt even dare to dream of… at least that was my experience with it

Omg I want one sooo bad