New Forum, New Life, Much Thanks

Just wanted to say thanks for the new layout and breathing new life into the forum. I know it was alot of work and alot of that work goes un-thanked. I want to change that and express my gratitude for all the behind the scenes work that goes into this.

The new, easy to catch up on, easily visible activity is a nice move. Hats off ta ya @codinghorror @AndreBoulay and anyone else that came together to make this happen. The yoyo world is better off for it.


All credit to @AndreBoulay as he is the guy clearing the budget and making the key decisions! :bowing_man:

One thing I’d like help with, if there are any old good / interesting topics that need some fixing and cleanup, please don’t hesitate to let me know – I’m happy to do that as I enjoy spelunking Yo-Yo history anyway. Truly some amazing topics and info (and people) here in the forum history!

We’ll see what we can do to entice them back :wink:

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