New England Regional Contest Videos + Cartoons Conde/Dietz/Koloski

Northeast Regionals was a lot of fun Sunday, it was my first time going to a yo-yo contest.  Andre signed my DM2 and I took a photo with him (my favorite).  Eric Koloski signed my New Breed yo-yo, Ooch signed a Fireball for me, Dan Dietz signed my Nickel Dietz, and John Narum signed a YYE card for me.  Everyone was down to earth and a lot of fun.  I met jrodriguez too, which was cool…designer of the Code 2…awesome.  I shot a little video at the event, not much, but I got some good shots of Ben Conde, Eric Koloski, Dan Dietz and a few others.  I was messing around with the editing program and turned Ben Conde’s performance into a cartoon.  I liked how it came out, so I did the rest of them too.  Check them out, they look cool as cartoons.

Ben Conde NER April 1st, 4A 1st Place:

Dan Dietz, NER April 1st, 4A 2nd Place:

Dan Dietz, NER April 1st, 1A

Eric Koloski, NER April 1st 1A 1st Place:

Cartoon Versions of those videos in the same order: