New Diffusion Colors


How come YYE didn’t announce it when they came out? When other throws get a new edition or restock, it’s always announced. For those of you who don’t know, the new Diffusion now comes in translucent blue, solid white, and translucent red.


Hmm, i went and looked an my bet is that they don’t have the pictures ready yet, maybe they will make the announcement soon?


Blue came out like a month ago and they never announced it. They didnt have pics either.


Sorry about that! We do usually wait to finish pictures before we announce new colors/yo-yos but we have been a little behind lately due to all the contests and people taking summer vacations.

Diffusion pictures are in the works and you can expect an official announcement soon!




You’re Welcome.


Unf, might be time to get another Diffusion. That opaque white model is stunnin’.