New counterweight from Rain City - D'oh'nutz!

From Rain City: The D’Oh’Nutz are the latest innovation from the genius of Luna Harran. I gave her free reign to design a unique counterweight, and she delivered!

The D’Oh’Nutz are designed for both regular 5a play and Double Dice/Astro-CW play! The two beads fit snugly into each other and make a shape roughly the size of a standard counterweight. Nicely curved to slip between the fingers and easy to catch. When it’s time to get crazy and level up your 5a, the beads slip apart nicely to slide along the string!

D’Oh’Nutz are sold in sets of two Delrin beads weighing in a 5.7g each for a total weight of 11.4g when played together.

Releasing Friday 4/30 @ 8PM EDT.