New cloud string?!?

Has anyone tried it? Thoughts and opinions? I’m excited to try it! Hopefully after I get my money for my next purchase, I’ll have just enough extra to buy one! :slight_smile: According to the description, the string is going to be a lot more of my forte. All the things I disliked about the original have been tweaked slightly in the new version.

Im curious what its made of. I used to make my own Nylon string and they last literally years at a time. Id assume its similar. Nylon is the way to go, imo. And im glad someones making them after I stopped

…So; if the new cloud string is better; you will unlike it less?

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I’ve only got about 20 mins of throwing with it. So far I’m loving it. It’s still fast on whips, but not as insanely fast as the original. The thickness seems just around what I was looking for. Still has that bounce that I liked.

Very bouncy. Even the thick is pretty thin. I never used nylon before, so it feels different. Overall, I like it a lot. If it lasts as long as it is supposed to, it will be well worth it.

Well mainly I wasn’t a fan of how thin it felt and it wasn’t the best at holding it’s tension. According to the description it is slightly thicker and holds tension better. I love that it lasted for a really long time. The color was great. The bounce of it made me laugh. So yeah, I will in theory dislike it less. Kind of sounds like a pessimistic way of putting it but yeah.

I got the thicker version, and after using it for a few days, it is probably about as thick as Kitty Fat when broken in. It is fantastic for whips, feels nice on the hands, and is pretty bouncy. I’m curious if what kind of nylon thread might replicate this kind of feel/longevity for some DIY strings…

The original is one of my favs, and I like the new even better! For me it fixes the one problem I had with the original, by being more reliable with my handful of binds.

That’s why I didn’t like how thin the original was. I really enjoy slack binds (correct term?) and some other odd binds, so having a slightly thicker string aids in consistently executing those. I’m liking the sounds of the second version of cloud string :slight_smile: