Cloud String


Hello everyone, my name is Quinton and I’m the creator of cloud string.

I’ve created this thread so that I can answer any questions the community might have, and also as a spot to announce things like contests, giveaways and such.


Why 4$ for a single string?!

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4 bucks a string but according to yoyodoc its worth the fun you can have with it…

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Nice to meet you! Big fan here. I invite you to read my review and let me know what you think. Im glad you are here!,89306.0.html

I hope you keep em coming as the interest is there.

For many reasons, check out my review and I might be able to answer your question. :slight_smile:


Will there be a thicker version? I like the original. But would be interested in trying a thick cloud string

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I would second that…$.45 or $4.00 not likely to shy away but want thicker?


I think thicker cloud string would be great as well! I don’t use my cloud string just because of how thin it is (can’t get my slack binds down consistently with it).


Let’s get some thicker cloud string goin :slight_smile:


Still using my one string i got back in February. Still is amazing. :slight_smile:


I try lots of different string and cloud is great it lasts longer than any other I have tried and plays unbelievable but I agree with the consensus the thicker option would be nice


I haven’t ever changed my string.

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it makes me happy to hear others having same exp as me.

as far as it goes, I would also be very interested in trying a slightly fatter cloud. Quinton, you around buddy? we need your skills!



This is definitely one of the reasons it has lasted long. Despite the fact that the sting has traveled from yoyo to yoyo to yoyo, I don’t use it as often as my other options. I prefer fatter string, so a fatter cloud string would be perfect for me.


I will work on making a thicker string for you to try. Theres also a few more strange materials i am going to be working with.

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Welcome back!
If you need or want testers for any new weird stuff please keep me i mind. Ill pay any costs and shipping. Im a big fan of your work. :slight_smile:


I definitely want to try a thicker cloud string!
I have only one regular cloud, but it’s still going strong.


Great to hear! I would also pay to be a tester.


Absolutely love Cloud String as well!

I also seemed to have issues with laceration type binds, but seems like I’m getting used to doing them with CS, and just in general with other strings. I’m starting to get a bit more consistent with the motions of those binds, but I haven’t been skilled enough at them to come to a valid conclusion on that issue.

I do think I’m beginning to figure out which yoyos I prefer with CS, both for those types of binds and in general.

A thicker version, or different formulas to try would be great. I’m glad to help in any way I can.


Everytime I purchase a new throw I always get a Cloud String with it. They are by far my favorite and I look forward to anything else made by the same guy. I was lucky enough to purchase the last Cloud String in stock on YYE when I bought my gf an Orca. A fatter string with roughly the same feel would be amazing. Props to the original for sure man!


Cloud String 2.0 will be available on YoyoExpert very soon! It is a tad thicker, a tad more loose (for improved tension), and much longer. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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