New 2A model from iYoYo - The SUNRiSE!

From iYoYo owner Dave Geigle: With iYoYo, I have created almost everything yoyo-related you can think of - From beginner plastic yo-yos to custom bearings, strings, pads, holders, bags… Even high-end bi-tanium yo-yos. Really almost everything. But one thing bugged me: I did not have a 2A yo-yo in my lineup. As a passionate 2A player, this just felt wrong, all the time.

And it’s not that we didn’t try. I had a few different samples machined, even came up with a way to machine starbursts, since investing ~15,000 USD in a mold and the first run of yo-yos would not be feasible as a smaller brand. None of the samples played the way I wanted it.

Sometimes life can consist of funny coincidences though…

When I sat at breakfast during Worlds 2018 with Ben McPhee, I got an e-mail from my long-time YoYoJam friend, mentor, and fellow Sunset-Signature-Partner Bill de Boisblanc. He had hand-machined a few spacers that would fit the YoYoJam Sunset sized bearings into a Loop720 and suggested I try to make them.

Ben thought the idea was worth picking up. Fast forward a year later, a few prototypes, a lot of help from Hans and I can proudly present to you: The SUNRiSE!

SUNRiSE is based on the YoYoFactory Loop 720’s shape with custom YYJ-sized bearing and spacers. The play is super controllable and slightly bouncy at the end of the string. It plays much faster than you’d expect and has a excellent spin, long enough for any combo I can think of.

I’m more than happy I can finally check “Make a great 2A YoYo” off my wishlist for iYoYo and I can’t wait to hear what the players have to say about the SUNRiSE!

Midnight Release. Friday 9/13 @ 11:59PM EDT.


They will be mine


Now I get why SF said making a plastic was like a dream :joy::joy:


Any clue if more colors will be available in the future?


They said on Insta that this might be the only time to get this color so I’d say yes.


I’ve been really wanting a solid cherry red looper :cherries: - the translucent plastic is cool - but I love how orange 720s look like mini basketballs when in action … Wish I could get that same effect but with bright red instead :unamused:

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This translucent yellow is my favorite color for a plastic so I lucked out.

Probably going to snag 720s at some point to compare as well. Just not feeling my Initiators right now but I love looping.



Do you know if you guys are getting enough that everyone who wants a pair will get one? I’ll be ready at midnight but after reading the Eh thread I’m a little worried.

We have plenty of Sunrise to go around, no need to worry about these selling out immediately.


Thanks for the reply!


15 minutes lesssgoooo

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They’re mine, along with 100 kitty neon fat (first bulk string buy since coming back apart from 100 old thin bulk poly I got at NER),10 kitty normal, and the world champion wide angle birthday bundle.

Can’t wait for it to arrive!


I love fat kitties!


Oh sorry! Don’t be mad kitty! I meant to say ‘extra fluffy’ kitties!


They prefer the term “chonker”

Oh lawd he comin’!


I am really really enjoying these!


That’s a great video clip @AndreBoulay. Were you holding your phone in your mouth lol?


Haha - mounted GoPro, etc.


How would you say they compare to Sunsets?

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Considering the commonality of the 720’s…how do they compare. I struggle with looping. With 720s, with 2020, with a Raider.

What is your current Loop 720 setup? String, spacers, lube, etc?