New 2018 Czech Point Pivot & Dark Matter Lube!



The 2018 Czech Point Pivot features a newly redesigned machined POM fingerspin cap. This special cap reduces the friction during finger spins or talon grinds and changes up the weight distribution slightly to give you a fun new feel in a familiar form!


Fake News: Dateline 1933: Scientist Fritz Swicky theorizes the existence of unseen matter. He calls it “Dunkle Materie”. Scientists spend the next 85 years trying to capture this elusive substance.

Dateline 2018: YoYoFactory® researchers announce their breakthrough! “We have found a marketable use for Dark Matter. We believe we are the first to find a applicable use for this mysterious particle. Now anyone can shop online and purchase this miracle substance. We suggest the best use is three drops in the side of your YoYoFactory® precision bearings. Allow for some break-in play before enjoying the improved spin quality and bearing life”. The YoYoFactory® researcher goes on to say “We recommend you shake the bottle well before use to accelerate and supercharge the nanoparticles”. The scientific community is still in shock at this breakthrough from such an un-expected industry. “Hey, somebody eventually had to come up with a use for it, why not YoYoFactory®?”-Space expert familiar with space stuff.


Dark Matter: Cute, but I wish they’d give more practical info about what it is. I’ve wondered about a lube that was comprised of a suspension of the particles in dry lube in an oil. Is that what this is?


Also odd is the recommendation of 3 drops in the main description and then 1-2 (which seems much more reasonable) in the disclaimer


Description was YYF on this one, Disclaimer was me haha. I just know kids will go overboard and tell me their bearing is broken, so I never recommend more than 1-2 drops of lube.

Although, after trying it, i’m pleasantly surprised. Dark Matter really doesn’t slow down the bearing like normal lube. It will be responsive for a couple throws then it just breaks in nicely.


I’m pretty sure Dark Matter lube is nothing more than dry lube suspended in isopropyl alcohol. That explains the 3 drops. 3 drops puts the right amount of dry lube into the bearing, and then the isopropyl evaporates, leaving only the dry lube behind; distributed evenly in the bearing. Brilliant!

The only problem is the my bottle dried up leaving me with a bottle of dry lube! I think I’ll try to see if I can add some isopropyl back into the bottle.

I’ve got tons of dry lube. I might also experiment…


Really? No graphite or anything like that?


Dry lube, is a micro-particle dry lubricant.

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So I filled a medicine dosing syringe with 91% isopropyl, squeezed the Dark Matter bottle, and squirted alcohol into it. It worked! I reconstituted it, and it works.

Not positive the metering is accurate, but it seems good. The drops have the black powder in them.

I haven’t heard anyone else complain about theirs drying up, so maybe I just got a bottle that doesn’t seal properly. But if yours dries out, try putting some alcohol back into the bottle.