New 10-ball + hybrid plastic cage, 8 bearings

All new
stainless steel
abec 5
size c

You will get:
SIX 6x 10-ball bearings
TWO 2x hybrid plastic (nylon) cage bearings

Eight bearings total.
$24 shipped in US, international +$1. Will ship after receiving payment.
Additional bearings PM.

Pictures below.


Are they legit OneDrop 10 balls or some Chinese knockoff?

I’m guessing they’re real. If they were a knock off, then they would probably be concaved.

That’s what I thought but I wanted to make sure.

Chico also makes 10 balls.

Also, 10 ball bearings are technically not patented, so if China made some, then they are not knock offs. One of my friends bought a 10 ball size C from a skate shop. One Drop did not create the idea of having 10 balls in a bearing, but made a better bearing all together using more precise and better quality materials.

Potato potato (well THAT doesn’t translate well through the internet). But I didn’t know that.

OneDrop set the standard for quality in 10 balls.

Chinese bearings aren’t bad at all. Infact I just received 3 concave 10 balls in the mail.

But I’d still like to know who made them. Doesn’t matter who did though, this is a good deal anyway you look at it.

They are not OD brand.
And they are not “knockoffs”