Nervous to buy a $100 yoyo

i am going to be purchasing the Werrd two fat ladies and it just feels nerve recking. I mean is it really gonna b e better than my shinwoo zen? metal zero? What makes it good, for being expensive? please help out so its not that nerve recking spending 100 bucks

Well first of all it’s an awesome yoyo. Second it’s made of top quality materials unlike the metal zero. that yoyo was a joke. Third it’s a werrd. Top notch yoyo’s for sure!

you should be. not being mean, but a 100 dollar yoyo is a big step and for some it is not really neccesary, especially when the prices of yoyos are coming down gradually. When I fist started I thought it was a jake, there was no m1 or fundametals.

You shouldn’t be nervous about buying, but you should be nervous when you use it. Does that help any? ;D

check out my review on TFL, you should have no problems justifing why you should spend $100 on a yoyo after reading this.

whether it cost you $12 or $500, it’s a yo-yo. if you’re not perfectly clear on the advantages that it offers, you really shouldn’t buy it. buying a fancy yo-yo is WAY more about how you FEEL than how you PLAY. a good player can take virtually any mediocre yo-yo and make it do amazing things. a not-so-good player can take the most incredible high-end precision yo-yo and make it look perfectly mediocre. i don’t know you, but i highly doubt that you’re able to play your shinwoo zen to the limit of its capabilities (especially if you’re asking this question). that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a werrd - it just means that you shouldn’t worry about which is ‘better’.

from experience, i can tell you that if you buy a fancy yo-yo with the mindset that you’re going to be all nervous and hesitant about playing it, you’re not going to make the most of it. if you buy it with the understanding that you want a really awesome yo-yo to throw everywhere and learn with, you probably won’t regret it. the tfl is a truly wonderful yo-yo, but don’t act like it’s anything more than that.

ed can do things with his no jive that i am still working on.

If you have the money, and just want to have fun with the yoyo, just do it. It is your decision.

If you’re scared to scratch it, buy a Kickside or something to bring around.

If you are too careful with the yoyo, you never unlock the full power of the yoyo

thanks everyone but i went ahead and bought it should be coming mon. ill let you know how i like it