So yoyofactory is going to release 5 neon colored yoyos at chico. One of those yoyos is called StarBrite. Not StarLite, StarBrite. I’ve never heard of this yoyo. Does anybody have any info on it?

(DOGS) #2

I’m putting my bet in for neon plastic StarLite, undersized, 15 bucks.


Probably so


My bet is a solid color Protostar without the weight rings, no spacers, 56 grams, full sized, and 10 bucks.


agreed. 8)


YoYoFactory sure does like stars don’t they… and Super and 8’s… The should make the next yoyo called the super888. lol :smiley:


The Super 888 Star Mega Ultra Hubstacked Version 2.4 Beta


Its the replay


If you look on yoyofactory’s facebook profile picture, I think they have the neon yoyos right next to the protostars


Yep I saw it





nothing really new other than the pink that I can see.


I’m guessing the Star Brite is an offstring.

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Tried em out, its pretty much a clear starlite ish protostar ish body with these really bright neon caps. Its a very very light yoyo, like really REALLY light. Pretty cool though.


Hmmm, so my first guess was right. How come it looks like an offstring yoyo?


Just found this.


lighter than a pacquiao light? or just pretty light?


Ok, thanks folks!

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TOdays Neon day at my school (Part of spirit week for homecoming)