Need to Sell

Phatfaktor $25
-good condition
-one long black mark

KyoTu $50
-good condition
-AWESOME player
-good pocket yoyo

Turning Point $80
-near mint except for some subtle marks on one half, tried to get them in the picture but they’re kind of hard to see
-super wide

Loop 720s $25
-will include threading tool

Raw Cyclotron $50
-good player
-fair condition

Enyo Speeder $50
-yellow enyo
-Worlds 2006 Ed.
-dual silicone

More pics here:

Prices are shipped. US only.

Take everything for $250.

somebody grab the speeder…

Reaches out at screen I tried man, I just can’t. There’s something in the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

720’s seems tempting…I might buy it. :wink:

Man, Why do I go on vacation! I should be working so I can buy that speeder!

How about $20 for the Loop 720’s? ;D

best speeder ever! (used too be mine.) does it still have the gold bearing? gold bearing is one of the good ones btw.

no cracks on the nipple either.
zan-navi over and out!