Need to Contact Grahame Wright, AKA Chimera


Anyone know if he’s ok and/or still around ???
Thanks in advance, Regards, Frank


Haven’t seem him in quite some time. I put a few models in the museum and found some help from someone who’s active on there. If that’s what you’re inquiring about I’d be happy to pass along your contact info!


Hi Matthew :slight_smile: that’d be great and yes, Please pass along my info.
In part it’s about the Museum, but mainly because he runs the Server for the Museum.
Myself and a couple others usually have him help put things on the Museum.
But haven’t heard from him after repeated inquiry being sent to him.
We’re hoping he’s ok.
Thank You, and hope all is well with you.
Best Regards, Frank


Not a problem! The guy who posts often on the museum is semi-active on here so hopefully he’ll see my PM sooner rather than later. We were actually just talking about how Grahame disappeared in the last year or so. I hope he’s alright too!


Did anybody ever track down Grahame?

A most interesting mystery???

He is the nicest guy…

Hope he is ok?


No one has responded that they have made contact with him. And he has not replied to any of his two email addresses that I have used to send multiple messages since December, 2017. So, he is basically MIA. The Museum of Yo-Yo History server, which Grahame oversees, continues to run though. Hope that means he’s still around. This whole situation is very uncharacteristic of him.


stumbles into forum 4 months late

Oh er, hey Frank - whatdya need :slight_smile:


I hooked up with Rick Brough a couple months ago when he bought some of my Collector yoyos.

We talked quite bit and exchanged a lot of Dif-e-Yo history he was interested in.

Afterwards he wanted to update/add to Dave’s Yoyo Museum with more info/pictures etc on Dif-e-Yo history for when and what yo-yo models came out .

He mentioned you were the only one who could do that and he/we could not get a hold of you.

Basically that’s it, and glad to see all is well :slight_smile:

Best Regards, Frank

PS: Rick would most likely be glad to hear from you.


I’d love to get the history of Dif-e-Yo on the Museum along with any models we don’t have. I know Dave used to collect everything you made, so he has some great pictures of the older stuff. Drop me an email,

I think Rick knows I’m alive by now, I did talk to Dave a month or so ago. The Museum isn’t going anywhere, at least for now. It could really use a facelift though…