Need Money to start Hedgehog Concepts.

I’m trying to raise money for a company I’m trying to start Hedgehog Concepts™. So please pay or trade for high yoyos.,46315.0.html

Here is the skyline and a Big Brother Co. Prototype.

Marble DM

Black Exit 8

Gold Pacquiao

Prices (Includes Shipping)
Skyline… 55usd 50usd
BBC Proto… 25usd
DM (White with Green Marble)… 12usd
Exit 8… 40usd
Pacquiao… 55usd
(Exit 8 and Pac are packed and not addressed due to a cancelation of a trade. 80 usd for both.)

Dont be afraid to ask for a trade or vary thr price around.

Want If You Want to Trade:

-Punchline (Any edition)


-Next Level

Good Collection Offers

Cheap YYFs
Cheap YYJs

Bump yyf prison g5 pending

Bump price reduce via skyline

BUMP!! New yoyos added