Need money for the Duncan IYYC. Get at me! Sovereign in here.


So here’s the deal. I’m selling this stuff, very very few trades will interest me, to the point where I don’t have a wants list. I am the least picky person of vibe that you will ever meet. With that being said, I have the vibe listed on if I was someone who really cared about vibe. In my opinion, none of these have any noticeable vibe unless you’re looking for it.

Here is the group shot. Individual shots with damage will follow.

OneDrop Soverign $200

It’s not mint, it’s been sparked, but it’s still a sovereign, so come and get it.

OneDrop benchmark O $50

This thing is butter smooth and its beautiful. It’s not mint, but I had a hard time even capturing the damage.

SPYY Punchline Repeater $50

It’s in good condition, a couple dings here and there. Very minimal vibe.

Duncan Strix $30

There is a little vibe, it got used for 3a once by a friend.

C3 Mo-vitation $80

This thing is still smooth, despite the damage.

SPYY x TMBR Eh $45

Really sad to let this go, but I just don’t play it. There is a little piece that chipped off from the previous owner, it really doesn’t affect the play though.

(system) #3