Need help with 2 tricks from video.

Hi, community members!
I’ve watched 2 videos and adore 2 tricks from them.

First trick is here. (youtube: “mwr 2k13”) at 0:40.
The player drops yoyo to the front. What is the name of the trick? Any tutorial or tips? How does he start this move? Is it kind of Magic drop?

Second one is at 2:37. (youtube - “r-special x megatron”).
It looks like terrific way to decrease string tension in an attractive way. What does the player do to get into trick?
/I’ve met similar but more simple ways to decrease string tension - like starting with trapeze or Split Bottom mount.

Thanks in advance, guys!

Links aren’t working for me

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It’s because the links are not complete.

Now they must be working. Thanks for mentioning.
Just for a chance smth. is still wrong - I gave a youtube names of files in brackets.

Hmmm… Still no ideas?