Need help for a YoYo themed Bedroom


My 12 year old started yoyoing and Kendma almost a year ago. Due to health issues he can’t do most sports so this has been a great hobby for him. We are having to re-do his room for his medical needs and he is thinking about doing a yoyo and kendma theme. We are having a hard time coming up with some cool things to do. Wondering if anyone had any suggestions. We are having to paint, get a new bed, and new decor.



You can get some yoyo art by John Higby. Sometimes you can find some old Duncan advertising pieces on eBay. A nice yoyo display case is also good.


The Higby yoyo “boxes” they sell on here are very nice. They’re hand painted wooden boxes that mount on your wall to put yoyos on. They’re fairly small but very cute and artsy. I love mine.


They ^^^ both said it. The shelfish thing to display yoyos


Make sure you have some shelves for Them yo-yos kinda of like a showcase display area. That and plenty of area for string and stuff.


One cool thing, take a yoyo, I personally would buy a stripped one off of the BST. And use one half as a decoration on the wall, Maybe as the ball of a kendama? Or in some sort of artwork.


Yoyo string carpet or rug.


or you could use one half as a door knob.


Depending on how large his Kendama collection is there is a wall mount that hold kendamas that you can buy straight from Kendama USA.

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display cases and wall art

you’re a good parent!


Thank you for all your suggestions! I love the Duncan advertising pieces, going to go look now! Thinking about writing the names of different yoyo’s or tricks on the wall or make a art piece out of it?

Thanks again,

Just in case you were interested, here is a video of our local news station doing a story on my son and CO Rockies player Drew Stubs.
And my son did YoYo for his talent show, he was super nervous and not feeling great that day. I think he did great for only doing yoyo for a short time.


awesome nice to see him expose himself in front of a crowd nice to see.


Thank you, he loves to show of what he has learned.