Need advice, late 90's yo-yo club equip - to donate to good kid's cause ..

Hello All -

I am new to the forum , hopefully my question is in the correct place etc.

I ran an active yo-yo school (volunteer) club when my son was young (late 90’s) and had good results. I alway thought I would do something with yo-yos for the community, but that never happened.

So, I would like to donate my yo-yo equipment to a good cause where kids might learn and use.

The yo-yos are from the mid to late 90’s , probably 50 yo-yos total. Some are new in box, some are new (no packaging), some lightly-used but nice (or could be cleaned) . Brands
Team Losi
BC (wood)

We also did spin-tops in the club and could donate in similar fashion. I am thinking that spin-tops are not as universal as a yo-yo. I only had luck when I taught kids how to use them – where yo-yos they could learn on their own (with me helping with tricks).

We also did paddle-balls, which now that I think about it , was good fun.

I have a pretty good Tom Kuhn yo-yo collection from that era , that I thought i would keep.

Thanks for your time.


My guess would be that the best person to get these would be ed haponik.

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Don’t let anyone talk you out of the Kuhns without checking values on them.


Quite frankly I would just put them on the BST and see what you can get. I think what you have is nice as I’m a legacy fan and probably have a good chunk of what you have, but even when it comes to freebies, people want more modern stuff rather than 20 yr old stuff. Maybe I’m just being a curmudgeon… :wink:


You could just put them all (not the Tom Kuhns) into a package deal, if you didn’t want to take the time to list them separately. You won’t get as much, but shipping out $5 yoyo’s individually might not be cost (cost in time) effective.

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Take some photos of what you have any post them in the BST. I’d probably just ask for offers instead of listing prices. Honestly most of those are not going to be worth much. But there are a bunch of us here that love older yoyos and may take some off your hands.

As far as TK goes, if nothing else, take a photo of them all and post it in this Tom Kuhn thread:,55777.0.html Would love to see another Kuhn collection. And there are a few of us that collect TK yoyos, we can help you price them if you need help.

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Thanks AaronW.

I tried to post a couple pictures in your TK thread, mentioned above.


scotrans, that is one nice TK collection. Impressive.

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Donate to a children’s hospital (not the pricey ones) - could make someone’s day and create a new thrower.

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HEY! I’m just here to say that I think you are an AMAZING person and I admire your acts. Keep on being soooooooo cool. ;D