Need a new trick!!!

So I’ve been practicing revolutions and have been nailing it every time so I need a new
trick. I don’t want something to hard, but looks insanely cool. I also don’t want something from this site. Thanks! ;D (Plus I have a apprentice at my school that I am teaching how to yo. Any cool but relative he easy tricks could teach him?)

if you can do gyroscopic flop and revolution try gyrolutions and to the kid your teaching maybe some eli hops or revolutions

Im actually having some trouble on gyro-flops. I can only do one full rotation. But thats a good idea.

Thank u! I just did that Chopsticks trick!! :smiley:

Try my trick that i’ve made up.


starting at :32 and ending at :48
and the rest of the video shows some pretty insane stuff 2

Relatively easier:

  1. See if you can handle it?