Nearby Contests

I live in the Southeast and I am looking for local-ish contests to go to and compete in. I am looking for contests in places like Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Is there a TN States or not? I have heard yes and no recently.
I will be going to Georgia States this year and it will be my first.
Is there a MS States?
I know there is not a current AL States but will there be one soon?



There are Tennessee states not sure when but I have a friend who lives there that competes in it

I’m fairly sure that there is a Tennessee states. My dad talked with some of the people who were helping run it at Ga States last year. I don’t remember if they said a date though.

I plan on going to GA States and I here that Mark Allen will be there and he has a heavy involvement, so I will talk to him some.

Maybe you could ask him some time?